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In the realm of business and strategy, how do we adapt when unexpected challenges arise?

PITCH Like a Boss introduces an element of surprise and adaptability as it prepares you for the dynamic nature of business. An expansion to the PITCH experience, this pack is all about strategically adapting to real-world scenarios.

20 Tricky Questions challenge you to delve deeper into your business idea, prompting a level of reflection and insight often overlooked.

20 Curveballs mimic the unpredictability of real business environments. How quickly can you pivot your strategy to accommodate unforeseen circumstances? How does this reflect on your ability to navigate the ever-changing business landscape?

It's perfect for those who have mastered the basics of PITCH and are now ready to take on more complex challenges. Are you prepared to think, adapt, and pitch like a boss?

Now available for pre-order! Ships 4th Feb 2024.

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