Fun games for serious business interactions.

Gather your friends or colleagues for a different kind of game night.

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  • Skill-Building

    Designed to challenge your decision-making and problem-solving.

  • 2x Learning Retention

    Compared to one-way learning alternatives like textbooks and courses.

  • Fraction of the Cost

    Access MBA-level learning outcomes without the premium price tag.


A Game of Trust-Building & Betrayal

Race to gather resources – but be careful, everyone has an agenda!

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A Business Ideation Game

The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas.

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Double the Challenge

Get the ultimate skill-building experience with the PITCH + NEGOTIATE bundle

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A Game of Risk & Fortunes

Buy assets and navigate world events to watch your fortune grow (or fall).


Bundle up & save 20%

Double the games, double the insights.
Why choose one when you can have both?

  • I appreciate these training tools disguised as games – they're productive and exciting.


    Managing Director & Venture Builder

  • Lemonayd has a unique approach to skill development and helps gain valuable insights into real-world challenges.

    Global Service Jam

    Hong Kong

  • Helps with team-building & decision-making skills. A great product for startups, friends, family, and entrepreneurial people.


    Jumpstart Innovate the Ocean

  • Bringing these games to campus allowed students to compete, inspire, and learn from one another.

    Champion Speaker & Executive Coach

  • This really aligns with my niche of interest. Engaging, challenging, and keeps me on my toes.


    Business Student & Entrepreneur

  • These games were an eye-opener to business scenarios that I usually don't have exposure to.


    Engineering Student

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