More than just games...

Not all business opportunities are equal, and sometimes you're dealt an unlucky hand.

As business leaders and lifelong learners, we adapt, make strategic decisions, and extract the most of every situation. The spirit of our games is rooted in this very aspect of entrepreneurship – promoting resiliency, quick thinking, and lifelong learning.

We face abstract work challenges every day

The world of business comes with open-ended rules, hidden agendas, and surprises.

Textbooks, unfortunately, can't prepare us for everything.

Some lessons are best learned through practice, reflection, and the right opportunities.

At Lemonayd, we play to learn.

Develop your own unique way of navigating the human side of business, but don't forget to keep score!

Ten types of Lemonayd Cards from PITCH and NEGOTIATE.

Cards. Dialogue. Endless Possibilities.

Stepping away from our screens and playing physical games gives us a chance to build new relationships. A chance to observe, listen, learn, and communicate.

Lemonayd is not a typo.

Lemonade stands symbolize the first steps into entrepreneurship, reflecting the spirit of the saying "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." It's about adaptability, creativity, and seeing opportunities in challenges.

The AYD in our name is our commitment to personal and professional growth.


    No matter the level of your success, there's always room to level up. Our games challenge and inspire you to reach new heights in your personal and professional journey.

  • YOUR

    Your ideas, voice, and unique perspectives matter. Instead of shaping you into a predefined mold; our games help you to discover and forge your own directions.


    All our games are backed by research and professional insights. Designed alongside experts, we strive to find a balance between the art and science of every skill.

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